My 1990 Miata has almost 300,000 miles and is still on the OEM suspension bushings and springs. Besides that I've done everything on your list at one time or another but IMHO it's almost all regular maintenance and doesn't represent the car's reliability. What you're really saying is don't buy a Miata that hasn't been… » 9/17/14 10:41am Wednesday 10:41am

Firstly European pedestrian-impact regs which are resposible for giving nearly every car out there save the new Miata the same squared-off high-nosed look. On top of that the car has every car styling cliché of the 2010’s on it like LED running lights, fake brake cooling ducts and fake fender vents. And don’t get me… » 9/16/14 11:45pm Tuesday 11:45pm

Back in the day there was a 90 hp version of the NA sold in some foreign markets alongside the 116 hp version for various tax and fuel economy reasons. It would not surprise me if Mazda took this approach again and offered a 128 hp version alongside a 160 or so hp version. I would expect as before North America will… » 9/12/14 10:35am 9/12/14 10:35am

Or more than 4 years. My iMac is closing in on 5 years old and still works just fine with Mavericks and everything hardware-wise is perfect too from the screen to the DVD drive. I can't imagine any PC from 2009 working that well with Windows 8.1. I'm sure at some point it will be obsoleted but that's at least a couple… » 9/10/14 10:18pm 9/10/14 10:18pm