I can definitely confirm the reliability of the Miata. Pictured is my 1990 with 300,000 miles on it. It’s been a very reliable car with only a few problem areas (gas tank baffle came loose and damaged several senders before the issue was diagnosed). I did have the short-nose crank failure but it happened at 277,000… » 2/21/15 1:47am 2/21/15 1:47am

I don’t get the extra space thing. Sure there’s a little more legroom in the back but that’s it. You can’t even put a grocery bag upright in the Focus’s trunk while in the Fiesta you can if you put the trunk floor in it’s lower position (something you can only do in the Focus if you leave your spare at home). Perhaps… » 2/16/15 8:36pm 2/16/15 8:36pm

I suspect this is because GM builds far more vehicles in Canada than Ford does to take advantage of the Canadian health care system. GM has claimed, even if the Canadian dollar was at par, that it is $1000+/vehicle cheaper to build in Canada because of lower health care costs. » 2/16/15 10:29am 2/16/15 10:29am

I liked the look of the rubber bumpers on my old ’78 Midget though I didn’t like the 1” higher ride height also added at the same time. But on the other hand by ’78 MG had solved the rust problem so there are some advantages to the later cars. It was a great car but as you can see I moved on to bigger and better… » 2/15/15 1:49am 2/15/15 1:49am

Sometime I need to see more of Iceland than Keflavík airport for 45 minutes. I've been through there 4 times but somehow the free layover option is never available on the flights I take. Maybe I'll just have to break down and book a SEA->KEF round trip this summer. » 2/07/15 1:37am 2/07/15 1:37am

Elon Musk has stated that the price target for the 3 is $35,000 before any tax breaks, the Bolt is supposed to be $35k after the $7500 tax credit. In other words the Bolt will be $7500 more expensive. Given the expected tech and styling advantages of the 3 and Tesla's Supercharger system I can't see anyone buying the… » 2/06/15 10:29am 2/06/15 10:29am